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Reasons to have your own backyard chickens

1. Eat Fresh Eggs - What's better than fresh eggs?

2. Keep Pets that Live Outside - A bit dirty but that's why they stay outside.

3. Teach Responsibility - The kids have learned so much about taking care of the chickens.

4. Create a Self-Sustaining Life - You don't have to go to the store for eggs anymore!!!

5. Old-Fashioned Entertainment - Chickens are fun to watch and even play with. Once you earn their trust they act more like a family pet. 

6. Enrich Your Garden - They eat bugs and fertilize the ground and eat the bugs. Less work for you. Just keep them out once you have planted. 

7. Earn A Little Money - Sell some eggs. Going to need a large flock. The 3 we have produces enough to feed the family.

8. Reduce Waste - Chickens love veggies. Throw them your scraps to reduce wast and cost of feed.

9. Teach Science Lessons - So many lessons can be learned.

10. Eat fresh eggs - So great it made the list twice. once you have your first egg you will never want to go back to store bought. 

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